Sunwarrior Warrior Blend Mocha Flavor 1 kg, Plant Based Organic Protein Powder

Sunwarrior Warrior Blend Mocha Flavor 1 kg, Plant Based Organic Protein Powder

Sunwarrior Warrior Blend Protein (Plant Based Organic Protein) - Mocha Flavor 1 kg

Unparalleled fusion of the finest raw plant based proteins. Warrior Blend fuses and multiplies the power of several rich protein sources into one smooth, great tasting formula that's overwhelmingly superior to the individual components along.

Excellent source of Plant Based Protein Powder. Raw, plant-based protein, easily-digestible, nutrient- dense superfood. Non-GMO, gluten, diary, egg, soy and sugar free.

Complete Protein contains all essential and non essential amino acids

Branch Chain Amino Acids are higher than any other plant-based protein

Great Energy Source

Builds muscle / burns body fat

Increase Metabolism

Contains a unique protein, Edestin, that builds antibodies, enzymes, hormones, and other body structures

Creates a feeling of satiety (fullness)

Free of solvents, GMOs, radiation, artifical flavor, preservatives, no colors

Contains no animal products, dairy, egg, gluten, soy, added sugar, wheat or yeast

High in age fighting antioxidants

Increases good Cholestrol while lowering bad Cholestrol

Improves Cardiovascular functions

Promotes Healthy Kidney and Liver Functions

Improves Mental Clarity

Warrior Blend is not just for vegans !! it is suitable for any diet or any style

Suggested use - Mix, shake, or blend protein powder with your favorite beverage. Once you master the beverage, try adding fruits, greens, superfoods, boosters, spices, ice and more to make smoothies that are unique & delicious.

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