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Lyva Organic Coconut Sugar – The Natural Sweetener

Did you know that the best sweeteners grow on tree and that is true. A Healthier options for your daily sugar requirement. Coconut sugar has a 6,000 year history of use in cuisine and traditional medicine throughout SE Asia and is known as best alternative to cane sugar

Lyva Organic Coconut Sugar

Lyva Organic Coconut Sugar

Lyva Organic Coconut Sugar is sourced from the pristine grounds of Indonesia. Coconut sugar is actually granulated, dried coconut flower blossom nectar from a coconut tree and not made from the coconut itself, as some might think

How the Coconut Sugar is produced

Farmers climb high to the top of the coconut trees where flower blossoms emerge. They tie the blossoms together, then gently slice off about one centimeter off the tips. This tied cluster of blossoms are placed in a collection vessel where the nectar will drip

Over the course of a single day, the tree can produce up to an incredible three liters of fresh nectar! This nectar is collected twice a day, boiled, and then granulated into coconut sugar as you now know it.

As the holidays approach, if you find it hard to resist all the desserts and sweets, opt for little ways you can improve your sugar intake by switching from regular table sugar to coconut sugar.

Why Coconut Sugar is an Healthy Alternative

It’s Unrefined, offers Healthier lifestyle with this low glycemic index sweetener.

Regular table sugar undergoes stages of refinement and in the process, its nutrients are compromised and what is left are empty calories. Because of the simple, unrefined steps in which coconut sugar is made, its nutrients are retained and you can benefit from them

Our Organic Coconut Sugar provides the energy and nutrient your body needs for a healthy lifestyle

Benefits of Coconut Sugar

Benefits of Coconut Sugar


– Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, aiding in the maintenance of cells and tissues in our bodies, among other functions. Their importance is apparent in the fact that they are second after water in comprising our body weight.

– Potassium provides the functions of electrolytes (what you also find in sports drinks). Our bodies lose electrolytes when we sweat so we need to replenish our system with these as they help with muscular strength, cramps, and brain function.

– Magnesium regulates blood sugar levels and blood pressure. It helps prevent and manage hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

– Calcium builds strong bones, reduces high blood pressure and kidney stones and also aids in weight management.

– Labeled as the “nutrient of intelligence,” zinc is essential to mental development such as memory. It helps the immune system function, aids in skin repair, and facilitates physical growth.

-Then it contains a fiber called inulin, which may slow glucose absorption and explain why coconut sugar has a lower glycemic index than regular table sugar

Coconut sugar, which has a low glycemic index (GI), is seeing rising interest in the Western world. The world’s biggest coconut sugar producers are Indonesia and the Philippines. Coconut sugar is a natural sugar made from the sap of cut flower buds of the coconut palm. It is different from palm sugar (also known as gula java and gula melaka), which comes from the sugar date palm.

Lyva Organic Coconut Sugar

Lyva Organic Coconut Sugar

Where to Buy

Available in two sizes – 100 g and 250 gm, you can get free shipping by ordering here. Check with our team @ goindiaorganic, in case any inputs further is required on the benefits / quality of the coconut sugar, please feel free to contact us we would be glad to provide your necessary information.

Buy Lyva Organic Coconut Sugar at Amazon

Buy Lyva Organic Coconut Sugar at Amazon

Health Benefits of Goji Berries

Health Benefits of Goji Berries, Himalayan Superfood

Goji Berry Himalayan Superfood

Goji berries, also known as wolfberries, are the delicate bright red fruit of the goji shrub, which belongs to the nightshade family and is native to China & is named as Himalayan Super Food. Goji berries contain six vitamins, 11 minerals, 18 amino acids and a variety of potentially beneficial phytochemicals. Hhealth benefits of Goji Berries are often grouped into four main categories:


  • antioxidant,
  • immune-boosting,
  • anti-aging and
  • nerve-function benefit

In the traditional Chinese medicine herbal book, the goji berry is a very important herb. Chinese doctors often use this herb in the Chinese medicine formula to balance and strengthen the body. Goji berries are not only extremely beneficial for the health, but they are sweet, delicious to eat and not as expensive as other nutritional supplements. This is why goji berries are very popular and have been used for thousands of years.

In China, as goji berries are known for their great anti-aging effects they are bought for their older friends or family as a gift

Health Benefits of Goji Berries

Cancer Prevention – One of the best benefits of brightly colored berries, like goji berries, is that they contain high levels of antioxidants which are extremely effective in fighting cancer. When you eat goji berries, the antioxidants seek out and remove cancer causing free radicals in the blood

Heart Disease and Cholestrol – Another benefit that the antioxidants they provide is that they lower bad cholesterol levels and protect the heart from disease. Goji berries also contain fiber and higher fiber consumption has been linked with a lower risk of high cholesterol and heart attack

Weight Loss – One of the reasons why goji berries are able to help in losing weight is due to their low GI levels. Goji berries register a score of 29 in the glycemic index, whereas more commonly known fruits have much higher scores. Apples have a score of 38, while watermelons have a score of 72. Only bananas are at the same level as goji berries with a slightly lower score of 25

Low GI scores are not the only similarity that goji berries share with bananas. Like bananas, Goji berries are high in fiber, at 21 percent. Remember that fiber-rich foods help you feel fuller for a longer time. As such, you are also less likely to alter your diet regime and eat more than you should

Anti-Aging – Slowing the aging process can be achieved by eating certain types of foods and the antioxidants contained within goji berries have been linked with wrinkle reduction and slower aging. Also, longevity may be increased because of the disease and illness prevention that naturally occurs when antioxidants are consumed

Eye Health – Goji berries contain vitamin A, zeaxanthin, and beta-carotene, all of which have been associated with healthier eyes. These compounds protect your eyesight, and they also prevent certain eye conditions such as macular degeneration

Better Sleep – Regular consumption of Goji berries can help to improve sleep. If you are suffering from insomnia, try eating goji berries on a daily basis and your sleep patterns are likely to improve

Stress Relief – Goji berries may relieve stress and promote a sense of calm, happiness, and well-being by reducing the amount of cortisol released in the body during periods of stress.

Beneficial for tight joints – Regular eating of goji berries can help bones and tendons, and reduce or prevent tightness in joints, joint pain, weak knees. Chinese medicine considers tendons and joints are dominated by the liver and kidneys, as goji berries are beneficial for the liver and kidneys they are able to improve conditions in the joints, tendons and bones. Eating goji berries regularly can prevent bone or joint disease. You can eat beef bone soup with goji berries

Lyva Certified Organic Goji BerriesGoIndiaOrganic.com proudly announces the availability of premium quality Organic Goji Berries, most wanted super fruit for its well known health benefits. Get Lyva Organic Goji Berries, Certified Organic, freshest guaranteed, now available in India. Get Organic Goji Berries in India, be it in any city of India. Delhi, Gurgaon, Pune, Chandigarh, Ahemdabad, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai. Contact us at +91-9958599911, +91-11-47566727 , email us at [email protected], or place your order online with us at our Online Organic store

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Certified Organic Goji Berries in India

Lyva Certified Organic Goji Berries in India | Guaranteed Freshest | Anti-Oxidants Rich

Lyva Organic Freshest Sun Dried Goji Berries

Goji Berries contain more Vitamin C than any other foods on earth, second to Camu Berry. Goji Berries are gaining popularity as an excellent source of energy as a super fruit.

GoIndiaOrganic.com introduces Lyva Organic Sun Dried Goji Berries in India. Lyva, an emerging initiative, well trusted to bring in highest quality, naturally & organic products direct from farmers across the globe.

With a flavor resembling a combination of cranberries and cherries, Lyva Organic Sun Dried Goji Berries are a delicious superfood you can enjoy any number of ways. Often called Wolfberries and considered the number one food-herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine, goji berries are one of the most nutritionally-rich fruits, providing you with a healthy boost of vitamins, trace minerals, antioxidants and anti-aging benefits

What is Goji Berry ?

The goji berry is also called the wolfberry. It is a bright orange-red berry that comes from a shrub that’s native to China. In Asia, goji berries have been eaten for generations in the hopes of living longer.

Over time, people have used goji berries to treat many common health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, fever, and age-related eye problems. Goji berries are eaten raw, cooked, or dried (like raisins) and are used in herbal teas, juices, wines and medicines


Benefits of Goji Berries

The goji berry is truly in a league of its own. They contain 18 amino acids, 21 minerals, glyconutrients for cell communication and more beta-carotene than any other food on earth. A polysaccharide found in goji was discovered to be a powerful secretagogue, which is a substance that stimulates the secretion of human growth hormone by the pituitary making them a true anti-aging gift from Mother Nature.

These berries also have more vitamin C than any other food on earth, second only to Camu berry. They are higher in antioxidants than any other known food. Antioxidants help you maintain healthy vision and reduce your risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. It helps in following

  • Developing a stronger immune system
  • Delivering forceful anti-aging properties
  • Brightening and improving eye-sight
  • Nourishing liver and kidneys
  • Normalized blood pressure and blood sugar levels
  • Assisting weight loss
  • Lowering Cholestrol
  • Slowing hair loss and graying
  • Rejuvenating mind, body, and spirits

Gojis are most commonly available in dried form, and make a great snack eaten as is, added to trail mix, muesli or oatmeal. They can also be soaked for a couple of hours in enough water to cover them. Then the soak water can be drained off and makes a delicious drink, or both water and berries added to smoothies

Lyva Organic Sun Dried Goji Berries

GoIndiaOrganic.com launches USDA certified Lyva Organic Sun Dried Goji Berry, now available in India. Get Organic Goji Berries in India, be it in any city of India. Delhi, Gurgaon, Pune, Chandigarh, Ahemdabad, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai. Contact us at +91-9958599911, +91-11-47566727 , email us at [email protected], or place your order online with us at our Online Organic store. –