Hodgson Mill - Almond Flour, Meal (312 gm)

Hodgson Mill - Almond Flour, Meal (312 gm)

Hodgson Mill's Almond Flour/Meal, (312 g), Gluten Free

Since 1882, Hodgson Mill has provided wholesome products that are delicious and nutritious. The original mill stands today as a testament to ingenuity, hard work and preserverance. Those traditional values still drive us today, in a state of art facility, where we provide quality and service inparalled

Only premium, whole, unblanced almonds are ground into the Almond Flour / Meal, many nutrients and antioxidants - not to mention lots of delicious flavor - are found in the almond sking. 

Ingredients - Whole Ground Almonds

Suggested uses - Try replacing 1/4 to 1/3 of the total flour in your favorite recipe with Almond Flour / Meal. Bake as directed. Or, use as part of a gluten free flour blend along with other gluten - free flours and starches such as brown or white rice, coconut, tapioca and potato starch

Now easily buy almond flour in India, Almond Meal from Hodgson Mill, Gluten Free, Premium Quality

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