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An overwhelming response from the customers in terms of positive feedback on Active Manuka Honey has inspired us to share their feedback to rest of the customers. We shall be using this media to publish the true feedback and experiences of the customers guiding other customers in choosing / opting the right product.

Mr Naveen, resident of Noida, India says following about his experience on Manuka Honey

“Since 2002 I have been facing acute cough, congestion, mucous & throat infection. This used to remain almost through out the year. Due to this acute ailment, it was affecting my day to day energy levels. I happened to take lots of allopathic as well homeopathic medicines but no cure was coming out to be complete. I was recommended by my brother to try Active Manuka Honey 15+ and within 1 month of use, I found huge difference in the energy levels as well as in the cough and congestion. I would say that in one month 80% of my problems got cured. I have moved to UMF 15+ to have better results & would be using it for next couple of months to cure this problem from roots.”

Mr Daniel Tang, resident of Singapore says following about his experience on Manuka Honey

Mr. Daniel Tang was in India for a short while and happened to contact us for Active Manuka Honey. He mentioned that “Active Manuka Honey does keep your immune system strong and hence not fall sick easily”

Mr Munish Pandey, resident of Delhi says following about his experience on Manuka Honey

I have 5 yrs old daughter and she catches cold, cough and sore throught very often. This state is very difficult to manage as you would not like to give alopathic medicines. Once UMF Manuka Honey 15+ was given, an immediate relief was noticed and within two days it was completely gone. This is an excellent natural product for kids in case of such problems.

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