HNZ Active Manuka Honey (UMF) – Quality Report

This is for those customers of India who are interested to know about the quality of HNZ Active Manuka Honey (UMF). We have been getting querries from our customers asking about the quality of Active Manuka Honey from HNZ, New Zealand. We would like to inform that HNZ Active Manuka Honey, all versions viz. Active Manuka Honey 5+, 10+, 15+, 20+, 25+, UMF 5+, UMF 10+, UMF 15+, UMF 20+ confirms to the standards of PFA(Clause A7.03) i.e. as per Indian Regulations under Prevention of Food Adulteration.

As per PFA, Honey shall confirm to following standards.

Test Passing Criterion
Specific gravity at 27 degree Not less than 1.35 percent by mass
Moisture Not more than 25 percent by mass
Total reducing sugar Not less than 65 percent by massFor Carbia Colossa and Honey dew – Not less than 60 percent by mass
Sucrose Not more than 5.0 percent by massFor Carbia Colossa and Honey dew – Not more than 10 percent by mass
Fructose Glucose ratio Not less than 0.95
Ash Not more than 0.5 by mass
Acidity (Expressed as formic acid) Not more than 0.2 percent by mass
Fiehe’s test Negative
Hydroxy methyl furfural (HMF), mg/kg Not more than 80

The quality of the Active Manuka Honey is identified by randomly selecting different varieties of Manuka Honey from each batch of the available stock. All selected bottles of Manuka Honey are mixed together to form a blend/mix of all varieties together. This is further tested as per PFA standards. The test report of similar blend of Active Manuka Honey (UMF) is mentioned below confirming the quality of Active Manuka Honey (UMF) of HNZ as per Indian PFA norms.

Active Manuka Honey UMF 15+This further is an initiative to bring confidence in HNZ Active Manuka Honey Brand that is a world renowned brand from quality and authentic Active Manuka Honey (UMF).

We also suggest buyers of Active Manuka Honey in India, not to buy loose or non branded Manuka Honey. We at goIndiaOrganic team wish best of quality and health with HNZ Active Manuka Honey.

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    I Mr.kennedy dias resides in mumbai having non healing wound for many years,I have just come across through website regarding the manuka honey,can i get the same honey in mumbai,if you can arrange for me please let me know,or else please let me know where can i get it in mumbai. Thanks


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