Plantation Organic Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses – 15 oz

Plantation Organic Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses – 15 oz

America’s best Unshulphured Blackstrap Molasses (All – Natural Organic) – 15 oz

Plantation, well renowned name for Unsulphured Molasses, America’s leading blackstrap molasses for over 50 years, is now available in India

Plantation Organic Unsulphured Molasses, All Natural & Organic version of famous unsulphured blackstrap molasses available in size of 15 oz (442ml) now available in India.

Delicious. Natural. Rich in nutrients.

Every day more people want Blackstrap Molasses. The public in general, and the patrons of health food stores in particular, are showing an increasing interest in Blackstrap Molasses — both for it’s distinctive flavor and it’s extraordinary nutritional profile.

Taken from the third and final pressing of the sugar cane, Blackstrap Molasses naturally retains the rich mineral content and subtle, nutty flavor that refined sugar lacks.

That’s why a single tablespoon of Plantation Blackstrap Molasses provides no less than 20% of the US RDA for calcium, iron and potassium.
Flavor – Organic Blackstrap Unsulphured Molasses
Size Available – 15 oz.
Jars per Case – 12

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