Sunwarrior Classic Plus, Organic Raw Plant Based Protein Powder, Unflavoured 375 g

Sunwarrior Classic Plus, Organic Raw Plant Based Protein Powder, Unflavoured 375 g

Sunwarrior Classic Plus, Organic Raw Plant Based Protein Powder, Organic Protein Powder available in a new packaging of 375 g, Unflavoured 

Five Amazing ingredients make one delicious powerful protein. Organic Certified Classic Plus Builds on Sunwarrior's original rice protein by adding in the aminos acid balancing effects of peas, chia seeds, quinoa and amaranth. This superfood combination still relies heavily on the gentle nature of whole-grain brown rice bu with a hefty dose on the strength that has made Warrior Blend so popular

What makes Sunwarrior Protein so Awesome?

Most vegetable and rice proteins on the market today use a chemical non-holistic process that makes for a hard to digest un-natural protein, lacking in essential and non-essential amino acids (in particular Lysine). By using a unique natural wholistic bio-fermentation process and by combining the sprouted endosperm and the bran from raw sprouted whole grain brown rice, Sunwarrior has conquered this challenge.

The result of this amazing process is a massive increase in Lysine and essential and non-essential amino acids forming a perfectly balanced amino acid profile.

At 80% pure protein, Sunwarrior has created the highest and first raw complete vegan, hypo-allergenic superfood protein on the market. Not only does it taste superb but it blends exceptionally well and is easy to digest. In fact Sunwarrior protein is so easy to assimilate that it has 98% correlation rate to mother’s milk and a 98.2% digestion efficiency rating making it one of the highest digestibility and efficiency ratings of any other protein source.

Weight Loss – Clinical studies in Japan have shown that by providing Rice Protein as a staple in a diet it can act as a weight control vehicle. This is especially because of superior absorption rates.

Cholesterol – Clinical studies have shown promise that Sunwarrior has cholesterol lowering potential and the USDA is currently using Sunwarrior in trials to see if it may help control high blood pressure.

Unlike the extraction processes of other proteins, our method of extraction uses neither chemicals nor acid hydrolysis. We only use Organic Enzymes during the process and our process is 100% Organic Compliant.

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