PureFit Vegan Nutrition Bars

PureFit uses the highest quality ingredients and protein in the world, yet are uniquely different.

100% NON GMO

Not all nutrition bars are created equal. The premise behind PureFit has always been to offer the finest quality ingredients available. That is why we only use 100% NON GMO ingredients, including US grown NON GMO soy protein. Why? Because the industry is dominated by candy bars dressed up to look nutritious. Despite what you may think, the nutrition industry is unregulated. Cheap, genetically modified ingredients are a staple in the nutrition industry. They are not a staple in our kitchen. Never have been, never will

NON-MELTING – The convenience of having a healthy, convenient snack that won’t melt.

GLUTEN FREE – PureFit is the first protein bar in the world to be certified gluten free. Proof that PureFit is not only ahead of the competition, but that PureFit addressed the true nutritional needs of millions of Americans years before it became trendy.

VEGAN – Veganism is the fastest growing nutritional trend in the world. In the US alone, the number of vegans has doubled to 7.5 million from just 2009.

PAREVE KOSHER – Guarantees that all PureFit bar do not contain any meat or dairy products, and have not come in contact with either. This is very useful for all the vegetarians, vegans, and adhering to a kosher diet.

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