Lyva Organic Cacao Nibs - 100 gm

Lyva Organic Cacao Nibs - 100 gm

Lyva Organic Raw Cacao Nibs - 100 gm

From Whole Cacao beans, Lyva Organic Cacao Nibs are nature's chocolate chips, rich source of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber Nature's Chocolate Chips Cacao nibs are made from pure cacao beans that come straight out of the tropical cacao fruit.

Cacao was a culinary treasure to Mesoamericans for thousands of years and is well known for for its superior nutritional profile and exceptional flavor. Lyva Organic Cacao Nibs are crunchy chocolate just as nature intended, in an easy to use and versatile form.

Freshly sourced - Product of Peru

Lyva Organic Cacao Nibs is freshly sourced, is Product of Peru, where tropical cacao trees have grown for thousands of years, providing the Incan Empire with a highly nutritious and exceptionally versatile food.

Source of Minerals & Antioxidants

One of nature's richest dietary sources of magnesium, cacao nibs are also an excellent source of iron and dietary fiber. You'll feel really great about eating cacao nibs, due to the alkaloids theobromine, phenylethylamine and anandamine, which boost your mood and can make you feel like you're in love!
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