Nikken Biaxial PowerMag

Nikken Biaxial PowerMag
Nikken Biaxial PowerMag – Magnetic Biaxial Rotation

Nikken introduced a revolution (literally) with Magnetic Biaxial Rotation — the patented discovery that shifts magnetic polarity up to 25 times per second, to create a dynamic magnetic field. The new, 1,800-gauss Biaxial PowerMag® takes this technology to a new level. Advanced ergonomics make it comfortable for use at any time. The power and speed controls are placed within easy reach. Its electronics and mechanical components maximize efficiency and ruggedness. The field strength is optimized by a design feature that places the active component as closely as possible to the surface.

PowerMag®’s built-in simplicity conserves electric power to extend battery life. The Biaxial PowerMag® can be operated with four AA batteries (not included) or on household current with an AC adapter

- Patented Biaxial Action

- Active Magentic Energy

- Multidimensional Magnetic Field

- Constantly changing angle

- Variable Speed, automatic timer

- Easy to use
The Facts

- Magnetic fields are part of the universe. Modern technology has disrupted the flow of this natural energy. Magnetic Biaxial Rotation can serve to supplement the Earth’s diminished magnetic influence, to help restore the natural state that humans are adapted to live in.

- Biaxial rotation uses a revolving magnet that also spins on a second axis. This produces a magnetic field that constantly changes its angle, up to 26 times per second. The result is a multidimensional magnetic force that in effect points the magnetic poles in all directions

- The PowerMag uses a static magnet to produce an active field of magnetic energy. A static magnet — unlike magnetic devices that use an electromagnet — produces minimal electronic discharge.

- The improved biaxial design featured in the PowerMag has a minimum of moving parts to provide greater reliability

- Easy-to-use acceleration and deceleration buttons select the desired speed of rotation

-  After approximately 30 minutes of use, an automatic timer turns off the PowerMag motor. A simple press of the power button reactivates the PowerMag and resets the timer

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