DoMatcha Summer Harvest(2nd Harvest), Organic Matcha (2.82 oz) (80 g) (75 servings)

DoMatcha Summer Harvest(2nd Harvest), Organic Matcha (2.82 oz) (80 g) (75 servings)

With the demand coming in for larger organic option for the matcha. Introducing the new Summer Harvest Matcha in a 2.8 oz size. Japanese Matcha Tea

New Packaging *(Summer Harvest is same as 2nd Harvest)

Approximately 75 servings per tin. The leaves are harvested later in the year making this matcha slightly astringent in flavor. Best used in lattes or smoothies. Certified Organic by JAS/JONA, DoMatcha™ Summer Harvest Organic Matcha is produced in Kagoshima, Japan.

100% Japanese Matcha

Put ½ to 1 tsp of DoMatcha Organic Summer Harvest Matcha in a matcha bowl or cup; add 1oz. of hot water and stir to make a smooth paste. Then add remaining hot water for a matcha and whisk to a froth, or add milk for a matcha latte. Sweeten or flavor as desired. Ideal for lattes, frappes and blender drinks.

DoMatcha Summer Harvest is harvested in August instead of spring, making this matcha very high in catechins and renders an earthier, slightly more astringent flavor. This makes Summer Harvest matcha ideal for blended beverages, such as delicious matcha lattes or refreshing matcha smoothies

Some testimonials


Started drinking the DoMatcha organic variety around 2008. I thought the DoMatcha organic Summer Harvest variety would be bitter or inferior/flat tasting since you get more for your money ounce for ounce. Finally tried the 2nd Harvest variety a few months ago and I cannot tell the difference; it is just as smooth and flavorful as the more expensive (ounce for ounce) regular DoMatcha organic matcha

I have tried many different matcha brands and this is by far one of my favorites! The taste is pretty smooth for a 2nd harvest. I add just a tad bit of honey or agave and any hint of bitterness is not detected. Provides a steady increase in my energy level as the natural source of caffeine slowly enters my bloodstream and it lasts for hours. No jitters, just energy and focus.

Great quality match tea. This is an amazing grade of match tea. it is a nice green color and the flavor is delicious (if you like matcha tea). I was using another brand before but now I'm making the switch over to Domatcha. Once you try it you won't want to try any other matcha tea

Now you can easily buy matcha in India, Organic Matcha, DoMatcha a premium quality of Matcha

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