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Discover Amazing Health Benefits of Barley Grain, Oomugi Barley

Oomugi Healthy & Tasty Barley Grains
Oomugi Healthy & Tasty Barley Grains

Whole grain foods like Barley have quickly been gaining popularity over the past few years, as more of us are moving towards, raw, vegan, healthier foods being incorporated in our daily diet

Whole grains are important sources of dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals that are usually not found in refined or enriched grains. Choosing whole grains over their processed counterparts reduces the risk of several chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart diseases and cancer.

Barley especially is relatively low in calories, high in fiber, and packed with vitamins and nutrients.

As per One of the FDA notification dated May 19, 2006, FDA has announced that it has finalized a rule that allows foods containing barley to claim that they reduce the risk of coronary heart diseases. 

Especially, whole grain barley and dry milled barley products such as flakes, grits, flour and pearled barley, which provide at least 0.75 gram of soluble fiber per serving, may bear the above claim.

Advantages of Oomugi Barley (Pure Barley)

– Oomugi Barley adds extra nutrition to your daily diet

– It is healthier than plain rice or indian breads and no one can tell the difference

– It is easy to cook with day to day meals

– It is unique and flavorful and no one can make this barley as pure as Oomugi

– This product is calcium enriched Barley

– It is easy for beginners to eat because of Kometsubu Mugi, means removal of black striation and processed into the same shape as rice

– You can take 426 mg calcium by eating 10 g of Oomugi Barley

Oomugi Benefits

Oomugi Benefits

The Key Benefits of Oomugi Barley are following

– Rich in Fiber (both soluble and insoluble)

– Reduce visceral fat

– Helps lose weight

– Lowers Cholesterol

– Assist Digestive Health

– Promotes healthy blood sugar levels

– Reduce the risk of heart diseases and diabetes

Oomugi Barley is rich in fiber containing β-glucan. β-glucan are studied in the world and benefits of β-glucan are proved based on scientific research and data



Oomugi Barley contains plenty of β-glucan throughout the grain. Unlink Oat or wheat, barley contains β-glucan throughout the grain.  β-glucan unique properties allows food to pass through the digestive system more slowly. Slowing down the digestion process promotes healthy blood sugar levels, lowers cholestrol and helps prevent diabetes and helps in lose weight

Considering all these aspects, Oomugi Barley is highly recommended to be added in your healthy diet. Keep a watch on this space for more such useful information & healthy tips….