DoMatcha Matcha Tea

DoMatcha Matcha Tea

DōMatcha® is 100% authentic Japanese matcha green tea now grown in the southwestern corner of Japan in Kagoshima. The tea is gathered from the partners who have collectively been in the tea industry for over 700 years, Shohokuen one of our producers, and also the famous Japanese tea master Mr. Kazu Handa, whose family’s knowledge and expertise has been handed down generation after generation for over 300 years

DōMatcha® green tea is shade-grown and only the finest and youngest top leaves are chosen. Immediately after harvesting, the leaves are carefully steamed to prevent the enzymes from oxidizing, they are then placed in specially designed facilities at zero degrees to keep them fresh all year round. Before grinding the leaves into Matcha, all the rough fibers, such as stems and veins, are removed to reduce any bitter flavor. Some producers use not only lower grade leaves but also include stems and other rough fiber to get more volume and reduce the costs. Needless to say that these practices result in a matcha that is a much lower quality product, less vibrant green, and leaves a bitter flavor.

Since Matcha loses color, flavor, and nutrients easily by being exposed to light and air (oxidation), proper packaging is key. DōMatcha® is extremely well protected in a sealed foil bag and a sealed tin. We also include oxy-packets to protect the Matcha even longer, keeping it fresh and green!

DōMatcha® is pure, clean and additive free!! All Matcha (organic and non-organic) is tested by an independent lab, there is never any detectable residual chemicals from pesticides, herbicides or fungicides, or radiation. In fact, once the tins arrive in our warehouse we test them again to ensure they are safe for all of us to drink

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DoMatcha Japanese Organic Green Tea (Ceremonial) (30 g) (1 oz)

DoMatcha - An ancient Japanese Green Tea - Match Tea Ceremonial 30 g / 1 oz Tin, Organic Green Tea, ..

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DoMatcha Summer Harvest(2nd Harvest), Organic Matcha (2.82 oz) (80 g) (75 servings)

With the demand coming in for larger organic option for the matcha. Introducing the new Su..

`4,200.00 Ex Tax: `4,200.00

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