Flahavans Irish Oats

Flahavans Irish Oats

Fla-ha-vans... as known in Ireland, is an highly acclaimed name for the taste of Ireland's favourite porridge oats

Since 1785, Flahavans is creating that taste, starts with sourcing the finest quality oats from the rich rolling farmlands in south-east Ireland. Mill is situated in a small village in Waterford, has been an independent family business for over 200 years. Milling techniques handed down over the generations to create perfect porridge oats.

Locally produced Irish oats
The unspoilt local environment and mild wet climate is ideal for growing the finest oats. It is truely a finest quality of oats ever known

Enjoy and taste the freshness of Ireland !!!

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Flahavans Irish Steel Cut Oatmeal Quick to Cook 24 oz (680g)

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