Launching of Hakubaku Oomugi Barley in India, Japanese Barley Grain, making a difference

Hakubaku Oomugi Barley, a premium Japanese barley quality is now available for us. Now easily get barley in India.

After meeting the Hakubaku team at our Gurgaon office, We were amazed with the kind of quality, research & study done in Japan over the Oomugi Barley. The study & penetration revealed the numerous benefits of this barley grain, making it another miraculous naturally healthy food product. We also got an opportunity to taste their unique Barley tea that still remains a delicacy to us as of date.

Hakubaku Oomugi Barley, Premium Barley in India

Hakubaku Oomugi Barley, Premium Barley in India

What next, we simply wanted the same for our customers, and here we are. After months of discussions, we are finally at a stage where we are able to commit to our customers the day of when product would be available. Hakubaku Oomugi Barley grain would be made available through all leading modern retail stores, and strategic tie-ups with the select retailers. This would also be available at customers’ doorsteps through existing e-commerce network

The word Hakubaku means white barley like rice, Oomugi is another name for Barley in Japanese. Barley contains abundant dietary fiber, when mixed with rice, your daily consumption of rice invariably gets a health boost.

Clean and white like rice, the taste and aroma is hardly distinguishable from rice making it a repeatable daily diet

Benefits of Barley

Benefits of Barley

This Oomugi Barley contains 12 times the dietary fiber that that of white rice. Using a new technology called fiber snow, Oomugi barley doesn’t have dark lines in the grain. Compared to rice, barley has three times the calcium, twice the vitamin B2 and nineteen times the dietary fiber

In 1941, at the time of founding, Barley was a necessary part of any staple diet for the Japanese dining table as an alternative for rice. It’s our pride to associate with such a brand and quality like Hakubaku, having their vast plant for barley and dried noodles with top of the line equipment in Japan, providing quality since 1941

We shall be educating our customers with various recipes and more to come shortly…. stay tuned

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