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Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is Now in Compliance with FSSAI Jaivik Bharat for India

With the organic products flooding the Indian retail stores, it is hard to identify how true the organic claim is. To address increase in customer’s complaints in regards to duplicity and fake organic products, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) introduced the Jaivik Bharat regulation. Please Click here if you want to read more on the regulation.

The organic product that complies with the FSSAI Jaivik Bharat regulation needs to have a Jaivik Bharat logo similar to green vegetarian symbol, so that customers could easily identify the product meeting the required compliance.


GoIndiaOrganic is pleased to announce that the quality of Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is now meeting the compliance as per FSSAI JAIVIK BHARAT requirements. The Jaivik Bharat symbol on the Bragg main label certifies that compliance has been ensured by the manufacturer i.e. Bragg, USA.

What this means to consumers?

Consumers need not worry on the authenticity and the quality of the product. To meet the compliance the product quality check is done at multiple stages. One before leaving the Bragg facility in CA, USA and second before when it leaves the Indian customs, tested by the FSSAI accredited laboratories in India.

Every batch that connects to India, has necessary health certificates supporting the quality checks.

What consumer should look on the Label for Authentic Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar in India?

– Jaivik Bharat Logo i.e. India Organic Logo

– FSSAI Logo and FSSAI license number

– Manufacture Name and Address

– Importer Name, Address and Helpline

– Green Vegetarian Logo

 If the above details are present, it signifies that the product has gone through all the stringent quality check norms as laid by the Indian Govt. Ensuring that product is truly organic and authentic quality gets into India. The most important is the Laboratory tests that are conducted on each batch.

If the product that you have bought does not meet the above regulatory guidelines, please return it back to the retailer and report it to FSSAI !!!

Bragg meeting FSSAI regulatory compliance, a quality tested product

Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar now FSSAI Regulated in India

Bragg, globally renowned name, health pioneers since 1912, with some of the excellent products like Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Olive Oil, Liquid Aminos and many more, that are considered as the epitome of the quality bar. GoIndiaOrganic.com has associated with Bragg to bring these premium quality products to the Indian market.

An endeavor to ensure the authenticity of the Bragg products, meeting the Indian regulatory, FSSAI’s stringent quality norms, Bragg has brought in dedicated focus to the product labeling & the quality of the product. Further, in line to FSSAI requirements, we ensure that product that comes comes to India is thoroughly evaluated  / sampled / lab tested and gets a clean chit from FSSAI bringing the product onto the shelves for the Indian customers.

To know whether you are buying an authentic product, it is important to check following

– FSSAI Logo and FSSAI license number to be present on the Bragg Label

– Green Vegetarian Logo to be present on the Bragg Label

– Importer’s name, address, helpline to be present on the Bragg Label

– Product MRP to be present

If the above details are present, it signifies that the product has gone through all the stringent quality checking norms as laid by the Indian Govt., before it gets placed on the Indian Shelves. The most important is the Laboratory tests that is conducted on each lot/import. Sample report can be seen on the link FSSAIBRAGGNOC.

Bragg ACV 16 oz frontBragg ACV 16 oz Back

The product images are shown along with to see how product looks like.

If you are buying a product that is not meeting the above requirements, there are strong chances that the product is spurious / non authentic / counterfeit / smuggled and definitely not gone through the complete quality checks and you might get it for cheap as well.

As per FICCI article, Counterfeiting and Smuggling is emerging as the world’s fastest growing industry and represents up to 10 per cent of world trade. Counterfeiting is increasingly becoming hugely lucrative business, with criminals relying on the continued high demand for cheap goods coupled with low production and distribution costs. About 40% of such smuggled / counterfeit products are happening and that is a significant high figure and is a curse to the Indian Economy. In Food products, you further cannot rely on the quality.

If we see any such food product not meeting the above guidelines, it is important for us to notify to the govt. bodies for such wrong practices, considering it as a social responsibility. There is a special enforcement cell in FSSAI as well, one can notify it to [email protected]

With the evolving customer awareness from health perspective, more and more Indian customers are looking forward to organic and naturally healthy food products. Considering this, overseas premium brands providing health food products, organic foods products have started considering India as an important market for their products. This is definitely an important step and we’ll see more premium brands meeting the regulatory compliance.

Bragg Live Food Products has recently given a public notice in the leading newspaper Times of India educating the customers so that they could check the authenticity of the product while buying it from local stores. To curb counterfeit, duplicity, smuggling, it is important for all of us to know what we are buying

Bragg Public Notice

Authentic, Quality Tested Product