Hakubaku Oomugi Pure Barley - 250 gm

Hakubaku Oomugi Pure Barley - 250 gm

Hakubaku Oomugi Barley, Pure Barely from Japan available in a packing of 250 gm

Oomugi is usually referred to as 'Barley' in Japanese. Hakumagu Oomugi Barley contains 12 times the dietary fiber, 3 times the calcium and twice the vitamin B2 that that of white rice and gives a great health boost when added to your meals.

This grain when cooked with 1:3 ratio with rice, can be eaten without realizing the presence of barley, while consuming all the heatlh benefits of the super grain!!!

Using a new technology, Hakubaku was able to remove the dark lines in the grain making it clean and white. Its taste and aroma is hardly distinguishable from rice, making it a repeatable daily diet. 

Try the Oomugi Barley in various recipes and add a health boost to your meals

Some recipes

Steamed Rice with Oomugi

(serves 1-2)

Hakubaku Oomugi 30 g, Rice 1/3 cup, water 1 cup. Add water to rice. Add Oomugi Barley. Cook the rice using the Electic Cooker of by regular methods

Indian Bread (Roti) with Oomugi

(makes 4 rotis)        

Hakubaku Oomugi 30 g, Wheat Flour 1/2 cup, Salt 1/2 tbs (to taste), Water approx 1/2 cup. Grid Oomugi Barley with Mixer Grinder into fine powder. Mix with the flour and salt & add water to make it a dough. Make indian bread as per regular preparation method

Now you could easily get premium barley grain, buy barley in India. Feel free to contact us in case you need any input further on this

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